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May 31, 2011

Mind Your Media

How many times do you look in a magazine or at a weight-loss television show and feel inspired yet a little overwhelmed by the stories at the same time? The truth is that amongst the smiling faces and pictures of “fast” pounds lost, the real struggles are not shown. Losing weight and keeping it off takes time and may become a family affair in creating healthy lifestyle changes for all. Most media is selling you an “idea” of fitness but not an ideal. Stick to your own goals, follow through on your own commitments to change, and you’ll make the things you only see on TV, become real.

August 24, 2010

Diet by Halves

Looking to drop a few pounds and change your palate for the long-term? One of the easiest ways of consuming less sugar, salt, fat and calories is by halving your usual servings of those items. You can also combine a lower calorie version with half your normal item to tempt taste buds while trimming your waistline. Instead of drinking sugary beverages, use half juice and half water or club soda. Like whole milk in your coffee? Try mixing half whole, half skim and you won’t notice the difference. Have a craving for scrambled eggs? Halve the fat and cholesterol by using one yolk, both egg whites and keep all the nutrients, taste and color of the food. Want to cut unnecessary carbs or extra protein? Toss the bread top of a sandwich or a few slices of the sandwich meat and then eat. Don’t want to totally ditch dessert? Blend low-fat ice cream with a scoop of the stuff you like… and share. A half can always be halved… and then halved again!

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