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May 31, 2011

Mind Your Media

How many times do you look in a magazine or at a weight-loss television show and feel inspired yet a little overwhelmed by the stories at the same time? The truth is that amongst the smiling faces and pictures of “fast” pounds lost, the real struggles are not shown. Losing weight and keeping it off takes time and may become a family affair in creating healthy lifestyle changes for all. Most media is selling you an “idea” of fitness but not an ideal. Stick to your own goals, follow through on your own commitments to change, and you’ll make the things you only see on TV, become real.

August 26, 2010

Cardio vs. Weights?

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Cardiovascular exercise is necessary for calorie burning and vital for maintaining a healthy heart,  yet regular specific weight training is equally important in achieving weight loss by building lean muscle mass, increasing overall strength and improving bone density. Recruiting the large muscle groups used in squats, lunges, rowing and push ups will make you feel the burn and then keep your metabolism firing at the same rate for several hours after your workout.  Just three times a week, alternate one hour of weights in with your usual “cardio” time and kick your training into high gear!

August 24, 2010

Diet by Halves

Looking to drop a few pounds and change your palate for the long-term? One of the easiest ways of consuming less sugar, salt, fat and calories is by halving your usual servings of those items. You can also combine a lower calorie version with half your normal item to tempt taste buds while trimming your waistline. Instead of drinking sugary beverages, use half juice and half water or club soda. Like whole milk in your coffee? Try mixing half whole, half skim and you won’t notice the difference. Have a craving for scrambled eggs? Halve the fat and cholesterol by using one yolk, both egg whites and keep all the nutrients, taste and color of the food. Want to cut unnecessary carbs or extra protein? Toss the bread top of a sandwich or a few slices of the sandwich meat and then eat. Don’t want to totally ditch dessert? Blend low-fat ice cream with a scoop of the stuff you like… and share. A half can always be halved… and then halved again!

February 5, 2010

Get FIT, Look LEAN…Get On Your Own Team!

Hi People!

2010 is the first in many amazing years to come…What are your ideas for your present and future?

Most people are looking for the holy grail of health, fitness and weight loss every year.  Often overwhelmed by the multitude of fitness, dietary and lifestyle information available, it’s hard to find answers to the simple questions of integrating new plans for an improved body and different outlook while keeping the positive, supple mind of staying the course that spans a lifetime. Transforming your physique is a multi-layered task and it affects how you feel about your insides and outsides.

This means plugging your physical health goals and routine into what you know as “your life,” the beauty of it being that you’ll become more conscious of who you are, what you see and how you think about things as part of the process.

Since your body is always wanting to get to know you, telling you things about itself and how you care for it, looking after it properly is imperative. Directly linked to your brain via a multitude of neurological information in constant transmission, it’s easy to see how receiving a faulty(painful/uncomfortable) message from the body can cause an immediate change in your mental and emotional state.

Your mental state is always influenced by the way your body feels when it moves or is at rest, when injured or unwell, and before and after you eat, depending on the amount and type of nutrition you ingest. Without corrections and ongoing improvements to counteract the imbalances, a situation can occur where mind and body remain confused and do not function together as the team for which they have been designed… YOU! This also affects the collective whole of those around you because of the inability to contribute as a fully functioning, interdependent and pro-active person in the world.

We need more healthy, happy and conscious people as members of our community and to ensure a better life experience for us all.

There are two things you can do NOW to set your feet upon the mind-body path:

*Increase your general activity and add a 15-30 minute specific exercise appointment to your schedule.

*Cleanse your diet of the processed, fatty foods even if you have to take those back to the store.

These basics will not only make a huge difference to your waistline but it will change your thoughts about yourself and what the future has in store for you. You are taking care of yourself…It’s awesome that you would do that!

You’ll find a new sense of ownership of your physical state and that will induce a happiness that only comes when you start meeting your own “bottom line…!”

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